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Home Office Warns of the Sale of Hexamine Tablets via Outdoor Outlets

Published: 24/03/2017

The Home Office has brought to our attention the dangers of the sale of large quantities of Hexamine tablets, which are used in solid fuel stoves, and has requested that we help to build awareness of the potential misuse of this product.

An information leaflet (download here) has been produced by The Home Office to provide guidance on this subject and provide advice on how to recognise a suspicious transaction.

Potentially, Hexamine can be used in the preparation of explosive products and The Home Office has asked the outdoor trade to remain vigilant to the sale of large quantities of this potentially harmful product.

Direct contact is also being made with distributors, wholesalers and retailers to be cautious if requested to provide large quantities of the chemical product.

In case of suspicion please contact 0800 789321 or e-mail