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Message from Sir Chris Bonington, Honorary President

Sir Chris Bonington OIA UK

Outdoor activities are more popular than ever in the UK.  More people are heading outside more often during their leisure time, and they are trying more activities than at any time I can remember.  For anyone who’s going into the great outdoors, regardless of their level of experience and ambition, it’s important that they use the appropriate kit and receive good advice on what to do, where to go and how to make the most of their time.  In this context, the role of the Outdoor Industries Association is of great importance.

For the trade, the OIA serves all aspects of the sector, offering services that benefit small and large businesses alike, while providing a strong voice on key issues that unite the industries and promoting the outdoors to a wide audience.  For consumers, platforms such as this website provide a wealth of useful information on activities, products, services, and the OIA member companies that provide them.  Whether you’re from the trade or are simply an enthusiast, I hope that you find what you need here and are able to get as much fulfilment from your own outdoor adventures as I have throughout my life.

Sir Chris Bonington,
Honorary President.