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Everybody Active, Every Day

A framework to embed physical activity into daily life

'Everybody Active, Every Day' is a national, evidence-based approach to support all sectors to embed physical activity into the fabric of daily life and make it an easy, cost-effective and normal choice in every community in England.

Public Health England (PHE) has co-produced the framework with over 1,000 national and local leaders in physical activity and is calling for action from providers and commissioners in: health, social care, transportation, planning, education, sport and leisure, culture, the voluntary and community sector, as well as public and private employers.

To make active lifestyles a reality for all, the framework's four areas for action will:

  • Change the social norm to make physical activity the expectation
  • Develop expertise and leadership within professionals and volunteers
  • Create environments to support active lives
  • Identify and up-scale successful programmes nationwide

'Everybody Active, Every Day' is part of the cross-government 'Moving More, Living More' campaign for a more active nation as part of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games legacy.

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