What is the OIA?

The Outdoor Industries Association CIC is a non-profit membership organisation that provides advocacy, representation, promotion, leadership and the opportunity for the outdoor recreational industries, to unite with a single common voice. It represents companies that provide products and services for the Outdoor Recreation industry, retailers that sell those products and services, NGO's, NGBs and any other organisation that works in the Outdoor Recreation sector in the UK.

Its mission is to 'Engage, Represent and Promote the Outdoor Recreation Industries' with a long term vision to 'Get More People Active Outdoors'.

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Why join the OIA?

The OIA has recently launched a NEW VIDEO and an INFORMATION BROCHURE to answer this question - please share these with your suppliers, customers and other contacts, and encourage them to support the industry by joining the OIA.

We really need the entire trade, who benefits from the work, to pay for the work. Together, we can support and grow the industry for the benefit of all.

If you have any queries or comments, please get in touch:

Tel: 0161 498 6159
Email: info@theoia.co.uk
Twitter: @oiauk1
Facebook: OIAUK

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